No experience with selfie videos? No problem! We’re not looking for professional actors or supermodels. We’ve created this handy guide to help you create the perfect video testimonial. Do it right from your smartphone - easy peasy.

How to shoot your video

  1. Pick the right lighting & background. Lighting: You can use your bathroom or kitchen, whichever lighting you prefer. Keep in mind that indirect light from a window is very flattering. It’s also better to face a window than have the window behind you. Background: Plain walls work, but it's also fine to have elements of your home in the background. Remember, these testimonials should be authentic! :)

  2. "Quiet on the set!" 😂 Be aware of sounds/noises which could compete with your voice (people talking, loud TVs, barking dogs).

  3. Start the video. Position your phone vertically.📱

  4. Say your first name.

  5. Real talk. Talk just like you're talking to a friend, with real emotions and real enthusiasm. Tell us what you love about the product, how it's helped you and your skin. (No need to talk about the cute packaging, excellent customer service, etc.) 😉

  6. Show the product. Hold the product at least part of the time you're talking. (NOTE: Review only one product per video.)

  7. Don't stop videoing. Just keep talking between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. One take is all you need. Don’t worry if you mess up a word or jumble a sentence here or there, just keep going! We can edit it afterward.😀

  8. Ready to Upload Video? Click here.

    NOTE: When submitting your video from your smartphone, tap "Add Files" then "Photo Library". Then select your video and upload it!

Watch a video tutorial from our founder:

Examples of Video Testimonials 
Below is a collection of some amazing video testimonials we've received from our wonderful customers.🥰