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Engraved with our logo, our GUA SHA STONEs (pronounced "gwa sa") are created from a type of green quartz called aventurine. This stone is also called “Indian jade” due to its origination in India.

This facial massage tool is used to help move lymph fluid out of the body, increase blood circulation and offer a type of toning "facelift" effect with a few upward strokes over time.

Facial gua sha is an ancient healing technique in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that is said to visibly rejuvenate the skin through light pulling and lifting massaging motions using the stone.

The gua sha facial massage may also help to

- Tone the facial muscles

- Get energy and blood flowing

- Help stimulate collagen formulation

- Decongest the skin

- Reduce fine lines

For glowing results:

Apply Oil, oil-based cream, or serum for added slip first.

1. Hold cool stone tool flat to the skin under eyes to soothe and de-puff

2. Use curved side at a 15-degree angle (more flat stone, less edge) on the face and glide it gently up and out, starting with jawline, chin, and around the mouth (3-5 strokes per area) and take short strokes in one upward direction. At the end of a stroke, wiggle the stone slightly to stimulate flow.

3. Work in small horizontal strokes over the brow bone and in-between brows to help lift and release tension.

4 Then stroke down the right and left sides of the neck to drain

You may have a post-work flush from boosting the skin's circulation.

How Often? Everyday. Just like brushing your teeth! Just take two minutes. You can refrigerate it but it should stay cool on its own left conveniently in your bathroom.

Each stone is unique. There are variations in color and internal texture from stone to stone.


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