Eat Your Water!

IN YOUR FACE CREAM surrounded by healthy greens
examples of fruits and veggies with high water content, such as strawberries, celery, watermelon, cauliflower, tomato and grapefruit

The Surprising Amount of Water In Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know you can eat your water? We all know we need to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. But the amount of water in plant-based foods like  fruits and vegetables is far greater than you think. I will admit, I've never been addicted to plain water as I should be. It’s a constant chore for me to throw back a bottle of water.  And I do. I find pretty glass bottles and reuse them to fill with filtered water and keep them in my fridge and my family knows they are mine as I just pull them out and drink them while I'm working at my computer. But my favorite way to get way is through raw veggies. That's where I've seen the best results in my wellness routine.

greens and pepper shaped like a jack-o-lantern

Cellular water loss actually causes aging and our health is largely determined by our body's cell's ability to hold water.  Mother Nature's water found in fruits and vegetables contain nutrients and structured water to nourish and hydrate your cells, (to give you glowing, healthy skin). Youthful skin starts at a cellular level. The way you provide your cells with this fountain of youth is: You eat it! Water from fruits and vegetables provides you with lasting hydration. Cooking reduces the water content so eat raw, blended or juiced fruits and veggies as much as possible. 

IYF Health Tip:

On your way out the door for a car drive more than 20minutes? Grab a few raw veggies for the trip. My favorites are orange and red bell peppers (I eat them like an apple, hold it and crunch right into it! ), cherry tomatoes, and those cute thin Persian cucumbers! Not only will this habit curb your sweet tooth but you will be drenching your cells in plumping nutritious hydration for your skin and your entire beautiful body!

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