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What’s YOUR skin type?

Many people don’t know their correct skin type and use the wrong products because of this. They’re not only wasting money buying products that treat a skin type they don’t actually have, but treating the wrong type of skin can lead to premature skin aging, irritated skin, and breakouts.

There are five common types of skin:

1. Balanced

It may be more commonly known as “Normal” skin, but who are we to say which
skin is normal or not? That’s why we like to refer to this skin type as balanced -
After all, healthy skin has a good balance of dryness and oiliness. This is due to
the fact that it has very good circulation. Thanks to this, people with balanced
skin usually do not break out or notice any changes throughout the day. Seasons
changing also don’t typically impact balanced skin types and they can use most
skincare products without any negative side effects.

2. Dry

People with dry skin usually have tight, flaky skin on their face thanks to low
production of sebum (natural facial oils). This also means that dry skin is more
susceptible to early signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.
Natural, gentle cleansers like our MOISTURIZING WASH and rich moisturizers like
THE CREAM will nourish and hydrate dry skin all day long.

3. Oily/Acne-Prone

This type of skin is marked by high production of sebum, especially on your
cheeks, chins, and T-zone. This can be caused by a ton of different factors, from
genetics to hormones, diet, stress, and that’s only a few off the list. Oily skin may
also come with oversized pores and breakouts thanks to all of that extra sebum.
For oily skin, it’s important to clean your skin twice a day with a GENTLE cleanser
that won’t strip your skin of its natural protective barrier.

4. Combination

Combination skin comes with oily areas of your face along with patches of dry
skin. The best way to maintain this type of skin is to treat each area differently,
treating each problem with the appropriate skincare product. For example, you
may use a thick moisturizer like THE CREAM on dry patches, while using a
mattifying skin hydrator like the MARINE PEARL CREAM on your oily patches.

5. Sensitive

Chances are, you already know if you have sensitive skin. This skin gets inflamed
or irritated very easily, and can come from skin conditions like eczema, rosacea,
and allergies. When you have sensitive skin, your skin may react to many different
products, so it’s important to find natural products that are safe and soothing for
sensitive skin types. You also may need to switch up your products depending
on how your skin reacts to the change in seasons.

Now that you know for sure what your skin type is, click here to take our quiz! Your results will help you discover your most effective skincare routine, from our natural cleansers to our velvety rich moisturizer.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get started with soft, dewy, and healthy skin.