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Most of us know it all too well: Breakouts, pimples, blackheads, red bumps, tenderness… 

We’re always in a hurry and just want those blemishes gone, so we resort to solutions like covering them with makeup or attacking them with skincare products (some of which are really not good for your skin) to make them go away.

But have you ever stopped and wondered why acne occurs in the first place?

I’m going to break down exactly what happens when you experience breakouts, and give you some simple solutions to prevent or stop acne in its tracks. 

Here are The 5 Phases of Breaking Out:

1. Pollutants & Oils Meet Up at Your Pores

Your face is covered in thousands of tiny openings - pores. These release your natural oils to help feed your skin’s natural protective moisture barrier, but throughout the day, those oils can mix with dirt and become trapped in your pores. A great way to prevent this is by cleansing every day with effective, natural cleansers (like the two in our DOUBLE CLEANSE DUO) that will lightly remove toxins without stripping your skin. 

2. Your Pores Are Clogged

Once all of those toxins and oils combine in your pores, they can also mix with the dead skin cells that are regularly shed as your skin renews and restores itself. Breakouts in this phase usually appear as blackheads or whiteheads. A great way to prevent this is by removing those dead skin cells before they have a chance to mix with anything else in the first place. That’s where exfoliation comes in! Along with cleansing daily, using a gentle exfoliating cleanser (like our BAMBOO REFINING POLISH & DEEP ENZYME CLEANSE) to remove dead skin cells one to three times a week will keep your pores clear and small!

3. Here Comes Bacteria…

Yes, unfortunately, it can get worse than just having clogged pores. When these pores come in contact with natural bacteria that live on your skin, they can cause inflammation. This can lead to those painful red bumps on or underneath your skin.

4. When It Turns Cystic - And Painful

This is when your pore clogs to the point of swelling and becoming really painful. This often has to do with hormones that cause excess oil production. This can come from changes in your diet, genetics, and other factors that affect your hormones.

5. It’s Time to Heal

While your breakout typically heals on its own, it can also lead to scabbing and peeling, along with scars and dark spots. This is why it's important to introduce Vitamin C into your routine (like with our PLUMPING SERUM) to help renew and brighten your skin.


The best way to prevent this cycle is with regular cleansing and exfoliation to keep your skin’s natural bacteria levels balanced with products that will keep your skin acidic enough for good bacteria to thrive and crowd out the harmful bacteria. 

I hope this will make it a little easier for you to leave those breakouts alone and craft a preventative skincare routine to keep your skin clear, healthy, and balanced.

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XOXO, Denice