Help for Dark Circles

woman holding cucumber slices to her eyes on a pink background

Dark circles under the eyes can have many different causes–lack of sleep, allergies, eye rubbing, excessive sun exposure, oversleeping, staying up too late, to name a few. 

In my own research to solve my OWN dark circles, here are a few solutions that have helped.

1. Cucumbers

Put something cold on your eyes in the morning, such as cucumber slices or our GUA SHA STONE, to help make the veins thinner underneath your eyes, thus making them not stand out so much.

help with dark circles - 2. get enough sleep

7-8 hours a night should be sufficient. Minimize electronic use at night if possible, and sleep in darkness. Eye masks help keep it nice and dark if you don’t have blackout curtains.

3. elevate your head

Keep your head more elevated while you sleep to prevent blood from pooling in your face and around your eyes.

4. The sun... Try not to have too much of it on your face. I know, but hey, it's worth it if it helps with the circles, right? Along with that, be sure to wear sunglasses and even a hat to help reduce the glare and the need to squint.

5. use an eye gel/cream


Our BOTANICAL LIFT EYE GEL contains niacinimide, caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin K and chamomile to help brighten and reduce puffiness.

IN YOUR FACE botanical lift eye gel on a silk background

Keep in mind that it could be a genetic thing. Some family lines, races and ethnicities naturally have darker circles under their eyes than others, like my Italian heritage, for example. And that's ok.

So do what you can do, use a tip or two above, but live your life and focus on the truly important things like family, friends, health.

Here's to living your best life!

XOXO, Denice