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Serums are quite the stars of social media influencers and it's not just because of their beautiful bottles, droppers, and light luscious textures. It’s safe to say that serums are here to stay and with good reason!

Lightweight, efficient, and potent, serums are a blend of targeted active ingredients formulated with specific skin concerns in mind.  They are quick, easy to apply, and rapidly absorbed into the skin. They are highly concentrated, non-greasy, and work well alongside other skincare products.

The order in which your skincare products are applied greatly impacts their effectiveness. The general rule is thinnest to thickest. This allows you to feed your skin with multiple beneficial ingredients that work wonders for your skin health... but it’s important to understand the best way to layer them to avoid damaging your skin.

As a rule, serums will be the first products that touch your skin right after cleansing and/or exfoliating. Do not apply them after creams or oils as thicker moisturizers (occlusives) form a protective barrier over your skin that inhibit absorption.

Serum textures can vary as well. Lighter serums will be more quickly absorbed while the heavier hydrating serums will layer over those. If two serums have a similar consistency, go with an ingredient that targets your biggest skin concern, such as vitamin C for dark spots or retinol for fine lines. 

Retinol Note: Retinol should only be used cautiously with exfoliating acids and acne treatments (benzoyl peroxide) but layer very well with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, niacinamide, ceramides, bakuchiol, and peptides.

Give a minute or so for each layer to absorb, as this helps prevent pilling especially when you apply SPF, like our MINERAL TINT SPF 31.

Our influencer-obsessed potent serum formulas deliver fast protection and target specific skin conditions & signs of aging from dark spots to fine lines with their clinically-proven ingredients.

Like a trip to a high-end spa, our serums deliver high percentages of extremely effective natural actives. Our serums are lightweight defense elixirs that penetrate deeper and quickly deliver higher concentrations of active ingredients into your skin. Serums can widely vary in quality, but we are uncompromising and only use the highest-quality concentrated organic ingredients. They are potent and highly effective, and you’ll get a boost of glow and anti-aging benefits by adding this quick step to your skincare regime. 



Your first option to layer our serums is a combination of our CLARIFYING SERUM and our PLUMPING SERUM, also known as our RADIANCE BOOSTING DUO.

This duo provides a lightweight defense formula that tightens and nourishes your skin with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Aspen Bark.

To layer, just apply a thin layer of CLARIFYING SERUM over your clean and dry face, and allow it to absorb for 30 seconds.

Follow it up by pumping a dime-size portion of the PLUMPING SERUM onto your fingers, rub together, and press/patting gently into your face and neck. 


Another option is to layer our CLARIFYING SERUM with our BAKUCHIOL WONDER SERUM, with the CLARIFYING SERUM providing a light exfoliation that allows the hydrating, age-defying properties of the BAKUCHIOL SERUM to penetrate deeper into the skin and leave you lifted and glowing.

This is thanks to ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, skin-tightening CoQ10, and brightening Salicylic Acid.

To layer, apply a thin layer of CLARIFYING SERUM to your clean face and leave it for 30 seconds (sound familiar?).

After, apply one pump of our BAKUCHIOL SERUM and massage gently, following it up with a moisturizer or facial oil and mineral-based SPF protection throughout the day with our MINERAL TINT SPF 31.