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It’s never too late (or early) to get started with a skincare routine. 20s, 40s, 70s - it’s crucial at every age to take care of your skin, especially with natural products that are suited to your skin type. But where should you get started?

Keep reading - and you might want to save this blog to come back to - to learn all about how your skin changes with age and the best ways to take care of it through the decades.  And remember, lasting results happen over time…It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

P.S. A skincare routine at ANY age wouldn’t be complete without our hero product that started it all, our velvety rich moisturizer, the CREAM. If you want some more in-depth recommendations to fit your skin type, take our SKIN QUIZ! 


As you enter your 30s, the natural process of cell turnover that started to reduce in your 20s continues to decrease. This can lead to dullness and pigment issues, which is exactly why it’s important to add even more active, whole ingredients to your routine for preventative care, along with regular exfoliation. 

This is a great time to introduce some products that include fruit enzymes and hydroxy acids to help exfoliate, sloughing away dead skin cells and improving cell turnover, like our DEEP ENZYME CLEANSE

You’ll also want something to deliver plenty of protective antioxidants and minerals to keep your skin bright, hydrated, and healthy, like our BLUE TANSY HYDRATING FACE MIST


No surprise - as you head into your 40s, cell turnover continues declining, so you’ll definitely want to continue with everything we mentioned for you in your 30s while adding something for cellular repair.  Along with cellular turnover, collagen production also slows down a lot in your 40s, taking away from your skin’s natural elasticity and moisture - so adding ingredients such as collagen-boosting Vitamin C and hydrating hyaluronic acid from a product like our PLUMPING SERUM is a must to keep skin feeling rejuvenated.

You also should be continuing regular exfoliation as part of your skincare routine with a skin buffer like our BAMBOO REFINING POLISH, containing naturally-exfoliating salicylic acid and oil-balancing kaolin clay. 


By the time you hit your 50s, you should be comfortable with your skincare routine, knowing what it needs and what works for your skin type. Products that address specific needs like delicate eye skin or dry, dull skin should be added, like our BOTANICAL LIFT EYE GEL and our hydrating, non-comedogenic NOURISHING OIL

Be patient when adding new clean actives to your routine, as your skin needs several weeks to “ingest” and make those glowing differences in the dermal level of your skin. 

60s and Up - FIRM & HYDRATE

At this point, your skin is much thinner due to a loss of elasticity and volume. Hormonal changes (ugh!) can also increase dryness and make your skin more sensitive. 

You’ll want to focus on firming your skin with a hydrating product that replenishes moisture and reduces signs of aging with skin-tightening ceramides and collagen-stimulating purslane, like our BAKUCHIOL WONDER SERUM, a plant-based, gentle retinol alternative.

While focusing on firming and hydrating, go ahead and add our PUMPKIN ENZYME MASK to your routine - it has pumpkin, papaya, pineapple, and kaolin clay to soften, rejuvenate, and reduce redness/irritation whenever you exfoliate. 


Age is inevitable, and as my mom would say, it sure beats the alternative! 

For myself, as a woman approaching her 60’s, the upside is you have more confidence and experience in life, making you calmer than you may have been in your soul searching 20’s - and that state of mind is one of the best kept beauty secrets ever.  

Lean into these older decades and learn to love every smile line as a souvenir of a lifetime of smiles. While continuing to hydrate your skin everyday…of course ;) 


  1. Eat a healthy diet with antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.
  2. Heading outdoors? Don’t forget your SPF!
  3. Take our Skin Quiz to find the best products for your skin type.
  4. Invest in your skin, you only get one set of it!

This is not the end all be all of skincare routines - after all, everyone’s skin is different, and each of our products are specifically formulated to be suitable for all skin types at every age. To learn more, you can head over to our online store

You can also contact us on this page or by calling us at (727) 286-7684 with any questions or concerns you may have!

Aging is an honor. We shouldn’t have to worry about fighting it, we should be doing what we can to embrace it and age gracefully.