Step-by-Step Skincare Routine #1: CLEANSE

an image of IN YOUR FACE SKINCARE cleansers
step by step skincare routine
step 1 cleanse

Cleansing removes pollutants, oil, dirt and makeup
from your skin, softens the outer layer for easy exfoliation and preps the cells for maximum absorption of all the nutrients from serums.


Determine your cleaning schedule. If your skin is oily or combination, cleanse morning and night. For dry skin, cleanse once per day at night, and just use a toner in the morning.

● Deep cleanse 2-3X per week with our fruit enzyme/glycolic acid exfoliating DEEP ENZYME CLEANSE.

● Take your time. Spend a couple minutes massaging your cleanser. In addition to making sure every bit of dirt and makeup is removed, the motion of your fingers across your skin helps with lymphatic drainage which improves circulation and decreases puffiness.

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